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Heavy news! ! ! Congratulations to the Tang valve for a new level! ! !

Dear old and new customers,
Due to the company's development needs, the name of the original company name “Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.” was changed to “Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.” The original company’s business will continue to be operated by “Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.”. The contract signed by the company continues to be valid. From now on, all company internal and external documents use the new company name. After the company name changes, the business entity and legal relationship remain unchanged, and the original business relationship and service commitment remain unchanged.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the company name change! We sincerely thank you for your consistent support and care. We will, as always, maintain a pleasant relationship with you and hope to continue to receive your concern and support.
The new company information is as follows:
Unit Name: Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
Unified social credit code: 9131 0115 0609 1486 7A
Address: Room 304, Building 1, 508 Chuanhong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Bank: Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Chuansha Branch
Account number: 3101 1501 2010 0014 748
Tel: 021-5090 0345
Fax: 021-5090 3416