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Raw Water Project of Qingcao Sand Water Source in Shanghai

Tangshan Six County Water Supply Project

Wenzhou Water Plant

500000 tons of water supply in the southern suburbs of Xi'an

Jingzhou City Water Corporation

Shanghai Linjiang Water Plant

Dali Water Supply Company

Nanning Waterworks

Shijiazhuang water supply pipe network project

Qingdao Water Plant

Water Diversion Project in Eastern Shenzhen

Wuxi Gonghu Water Plant

Xiamen Waterworks

Lanzhou tap water 400000 tons water plant

Chongqing Sino-French Liangtuo Water Plant

Thailand Water Plant Project

Guangdong Dongshen Water Supply Reconstruction Project

Haikou Waterworks

Chengdu No.6 Water Plant

Macao Water Plant

Nanning Water Supply Company

Dalian Dashagou Waterworks

Fuzhou Waterworks

Jinan Yellow River Diversion Project

Baoding Water Supply Corporation

Yangpu Water Supply Project

Beijing Water Source No.9 Factory

Qinhuangdao Project

Jiuquan Water Supply Company

Xi'an Qujiang Water Plant

Huizhou Daya Bay Diversion Project

Dalian Yinbi Water Supply Project

Baoding Water Diversion Project

Chaozhou Water Supply Corporation

Xinjiang Yili River Main Canal Project

Wuhan Water Supply Company

Harbin Waterworks

Qingdao Xianjiazhai Water Plant

Shenzhen Tangtou Pumping Station

Huzhou Central Water Co., Ltd.

Changchun Pine Water Supply Project

Shenzhen Meilin Water Plant

Benxi Mingshan Water Purification Plant

Yantai Development Zone Water Project

Wuxi Chengkou Waterworks

Guangzhou Water Supply Company South Water Supply

Tianjin Tyco Water Co., Ltd.

Hohhot Water Company

Xi'an Tap Water Qujiang Water Plant

Yixing Rural Safe Drinking Water Project

Dongguan No.5 Waterworks

Beijing tap water pipe network project

Dongguan Water Group

Shaanxi Chang'an Sanshui Plant

Yongyi Water Plant, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City

Chongqing Fengshuoba Water Plant

Shanghai Waterworks

Water Supply Project in Midwest of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Taizhou Phase II Water Supply

Baoding Water Supply Corporation

Zhangfang Water Emergency Water Supply Project

Chongqing Waterworks

Xinjiang Korla tap water

Hedong District Waterworks Project of Linyi City

Water supply in Maputo, Mozambique

Dalian Induction of British Water Supply Project

Chengdu Waterworks

Guilin Water Supply Company

Urban Water Supply Emergency in Baoji City


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