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Shengtang Valve Spring Festival holiday notice

Friendly to inform the broad masses of old and new customers:
It is a new year! It is a time when the Chinese traditional festival "Spring Festival" is coming. We will like to thank our new and old customers for their early years! We wish everyone a happy new year!
In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, according to the national regulations and the specific conditions of our company, the holiday notice is as follows:
One: Our company has a holiday for 15 days during the Spring Festival, that is, February 10 (Twelve-Yun-Lu) and February 24 (June-October). February 25 (early 10th of the first month) resumed work.
Two: Due to the long holiday time for the Spring Festival, please contact Cheng Cheng, Deputy General Manager of the business contact, contact number 18930032272.
Finally, I wish the new and old customers a happy family holiday during the Spring Festival holiday. In 2018, it will create a new glory.
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                                                                     February 7, 2017