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Prevention first, anti - elimination combination

At 4:00 PM on September 25, 2018, the company invited Mr. Wang zhenbin, a professional fire protection lecturer, to our company for a fire safety knowledge training lecture. Company executives and employees of all departments actively participated in the training.
Mr Wang combined fire safety laws and regulations and various fire cases, how to set up public fire
Consciousness, how to prevent and eliminate the internal and external hidden dangers that may cause fire accident, and how to carry out comprehensive training on disaster relief and escape in the face of emergency fire accident, have improved the safety awareness of all employees and the ability to deal with emergencies.
Through this training, combined with the actual situation of the company, the company's fire safety work must be done as follows:
1. "safety first, prevention first", fire safety as a top priority to catch
The damage caused by fire is well understood, but it is easy to be neglected and paralyzed in daily work. When our staff on site operation, more should put the consciousness of fire prevention in the first, if the operation is likely to cause fire, you must to eliminate hidden dangers or mold good again after sufficient fire prevention measures for the construction, do not exist fluky psychology, not oral chapter, take concrete actions and measures to keep the fire safety work.
2. Strengthen fire safety knowledge training and improve fire prevention knowledge and skills
Due to the flammable and explosive nature of acetone, both front-line employees and management personnel should have a full understanding of fire related facilities such as fire risk and fire access that may be involved in posts and departments. All employees should know how to use fire fighting equipment, the performance of various fire fighting facilities, knowledge and skills of fire fighting and self-rescue in the initial stage.
3. fire control work to achieve "three grasp" not to leave gaps for hidden dangers
The first is to "focus". As the only major hazard source of the company, the fire prevention measures in this area must be strictly implemented. Employees must follow the SDP for process operation and strictly control the external personnel.
The second is to "catch the weak". Areas with poor fire safety are often the easiest to ignore, but a low risk doesn't mean a fire won't happen. Employees in non-explosion-proof areas must also raise awareness of fire prevention to prevent the possibility of fire.
The third is to "grasp the details". A thousand miles of levee is destroyed by an ant's nest. The occurrence of fire is often caused by the improper handling of details, such as aging insulation materials, the aging of electrical equipment lines, and the computer's long-term non-close so that heat cannot be dispersed. These small details are closely related to the daily habits of employees. Only when employees pay attention to them can they prevent problems from happening in the future.
Life is only once, human life is precious and fragile at the same time. Please start from every little thing around you, work safety, work safety and life safety, and escort the international leading vinegar fiber manufacturing enterprise!