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Shengtang Valve Participate in Drafting Group Standards

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Shengtang Valve Participate in T/QGCML 547-2022 "Intelligent Valve Positioner" Group Standard Drafting Unit

     On December 20, 2022, the T/QGCML 547-2022 "Smart Valve Positioner" group standard led by the National Federation of Urban Industrial Products Trade Centers was officially released.

In many valve enterprises,Tang valveInvited to participate in it, play the role of the valve industry, and obtained by the National Federation of Urban Industrial Trade Center issued by the "smart valve positioner" group standard drafting unit certificate.

Shengtang Valve has made outstanding contributions to the vigorous development of the industry with the innovative concept of the four new models of "technological innovation, service innovation, product innovation, and train of thought innovation. This participation in the drafting of the group standard of T/QGCML 547-2022 "Intelligent Valve Positioner" is also to cultivate the craftsmanship and professionalism of employees with the service criteria of Tang Shengtang Valve. In the future, Shengtang Valve will continue to promote the development of industry standardization and move forward towards a standardized pattern.

Learn more about the technical content of the "smart valve positioner" standard, you can visit the national group standard information platform to!!!


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