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The main performance and test of the regulating valve
Pneumatic control valve performance indicators are: basic error, hysteresis, dead, always point difference, rated stroke deviation,
Commonly used metal materials in foreign brands comparison table
Future trends in the development of electromechanical products such as valves
With the continuous improvement of production automation, the application of pneumatic technology has rapidly expanded, and the variety and specifications of pneumatic products have continued to incre
Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd. Relocation Notice
After a rapid and steady development of the company, especially the continuous expansion of the scale of operations, the original office address can no longer meet the company's development needs.
General valve standard assembly
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2017-11-17 02:01
A: General valve basic standard number GB/T 1047-2005 nominal diameter of pipeline components GB/T 1048-2005 nominal pressure of pipeline components
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