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General valve standard assembly

A: General valve basic standard number
GB/T 1047-2005 nominal diameter of pipeline components
GB/T 1048-2005 nominal pressure of pipeline components
GB/T 26640-2011 Valve shell minimum wall thickness dimension specification
GB/T 12220-1989 General Valve Mark
GB/T 12224-2005 General requirements for steel valves
JB/T 7928-1999 General Valve Supply Requirements
JB/T 8530-1997 Valve Electric Device Modeling Method
GB/T12221-2005 flange connection metal valve structure length
GB/T12222-2005 Connection of Multi-turn Valve Drives
Connection of GB/T12223-2005 partial rotary valve drive
GB/T9124-2010 Steel Pipe Flange Technical Requirements
GB/T15530.8-1995 Technical requirements for copper alloy and composite flanges
GB/T17241.7-1998 technical requirements for cast iron pipe flanges
JB/T74-1994 Pipe Flange Technical Conditions
SH3406-1996 Petrochemical Steel Pipe Flange
HG20603-1997 Technical requirements for steel pipe flanges (European system)
HG20624-1997 Steel Pipe Flange Specifications (American System)
Second: valve material and welding standard number
GB/T12225-2005 General Valve Copper Alloy Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T12226-2005 Technical Specifications for Common Valve Gray Iron Castings
GB/T12227-2005 General Valve Nodular Cast Iron Technical Conditions
GB/T12228-2006 General Valve Carbon Steel Forgings Technical Conditions
GB/T12229-2005 General Valve Carbon Steel Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T12230-2005 General Valve Austenite Steel Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T20078-2006 Copper and Copper Alloy Forgings
GB/T25137-2010 Titanium and titanium alloy forgings
GB/T26648-2011 austenitic iron castings
GB/T26652-2011 wear-resistant steel castings
JB/T5263-2005 Power Plant Valve Steel Castings Technical Conditions
JB/T7248-2008 Technical Specifications for Low Temperature Steel Castings for Valves
GB/T983 stainless steel electrode
GB/T984-2001 surfacing electrode
GB/T5117-1995 carbon steel electrode
GB/T5118-1995 Low alloy electrode
GB/T22652-2008 valve sealing surface surfacing welding process evaluation
JB/T6438-2011 valve sealing surface plasma arc surfacing technical requirements
JB/T7744-2011 valve sealing surface alloy arc welding alloy powder
Three: valve product standard number
1: Gate valve
GB/T12232-2005 General Valve Flange Connection Iron Gate Valve
GB/T12234-2007 General Purpose Valve Flange and Butt Welding Connection Steel Gate Valve
GB/T14173-2008 Plane Steel Gate Technical Specifications
GB/T23300-2009 Flat Gate Valve
GB/T24924-2010 Elastic sealed gate valve for water supply system
JB/T5298-1991 steel plate gate valve for pipeline
JB/T8691-1998 Wafer knife gate valve
2 stop valve
GB/T12233-2006 General Purpose Valve Iron Stop Valve and Lift Check Valve
GB/T12235-2007 General Valve Flange Connection Steel Cut-off and Lifting Check Valve
GB/T26478-2011 Ammonia globe valve and lift check valve
GB/T4157-2011 marine hydraulic control globe valve
JB/T7245-1994 Refrigeration device shutoff valve
JB/T7747-2010 needle valve
Oxygen stop valve for JB/T10530-2005
JB/T11150-2011 bellows seal steel globe valve
HG/T4086-2009 Biochemical cut-off valve
DL/T531-1994 Power Station High Temperature and High Pressure Stop Valve
3: check valve
GB/T12236-2008 General Valve Steel Swing Check Valve
GB/T13932-1992 General Purpose Valve Iron Swing Check Valve
GB/T21387-2008 Axial flow check valve
JB/T8937-2008 wafer type check valve
GB/T4158-2011 Marine Hydraulic Control Cut-off Check Valve
GB/T 4189-2001 Marine steel swing check valve
CJ/T154-2001 General Specifications for Slow Closed Check Valves for Water Supply and Drainage
CJ/T282-2008 butterfly slow closing check
DLH923-2005 Check Valve Specifications for Thermal Power Generation
4: Ball Valves and Plug Valves
GB/T12237-2007 General Purpose Valve Flange and Butt Weld Connection Steel Ball Valve
GB/T15185-1994 Iron and Copper Ball Valves
GB/T21385-2008 Metal Sealed Ball Valve
GB/T4174-2011 Marine Electric Control Ball Valve
JB/T7745-1995 pipeline ball valve
CJ/T283-2008 Eccentric half ball valve
5: butterfly valve
GB/T12238-2008 Universal Valve Flange and Counter-Connecting Butterfly Valve
GB/T4173-2011 Marine Electric Control Butterfly Valve
JB/T5299-1998 Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve
JB/T8527-1997 Metal Sealing Butterfly Valve
JB/T8692-1998 flue butterfly valve
CJ/T92-1999 Eccentric butterfly valve for heating
CJ/T93-1999 Heating Eccentric Signal Butterfly Valve
6: Safety valve and pressure reducing valve
GB/T12241-2005 safety valve general requirements
GB/T12243-2005 spring direct load safety valve
GB/T20910-2007 temperature and pressure safety valve for hot water system
JB/T6411-2008 Safety valve for compressor
JB/T9624-1999 Power Station Safety Valves Technical Conditions
HG/T3157-2005 spring safety valve for liquefied gas tank vehicles
DL/T959-2005 Guidelines for Application of Safety Valves for Power Station Boilers
GB/T12244-2006 Pressure Reducing Valves General Requirements
GB/T12246-2006 pilot operated pressure reducing valve
GB/T10868-2005 power station temperature reducing and pressure reducing valve
GB/T20081-2006 Pneumatic Pressure Regulator and Filter Regulator
GB/T21386-2008 proportional pressure reducing valve
JB/T7376-1994 pneumatic air pressure reducing valve specification
7: Water Control Valves and Regulators
JB/T10606-2006 Pneumatic Flow Control Valve
JB/T10674-2006 Water Control Valve
CJ/T219-2005 Water Control Valve
GB/T4213-2008 pneumatic control valve
GB/T10869-2008 Power Station Regulator
JB/T 7387-1994 Electric Control Valve
8: Other valves
GB/T12239-2008 General Valve Diaphragm Valve
GB7512-2006 Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder valve
GB/T8464-2008 Plumbing Connection Valves
GB10877-1989 Oxygen cylinder valve
GB10879-2009 dissolved acetylene cylinder valve
GB 15382-2009 General specifications for cylinder valves
GB/T15930-2007 Fire dampers for building ventilation and smoke extraction systems
GB/T19672-2005 pipeline valve technical conditions
GB/T20173-2006 Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Transportation System Pipeline Valves
GB/T22653-2008 emergency shut-off valve for liquefied gas equipment
GB/T24917-2010 glasses valve
GB/T24918-2010 Cold medium emergency shut-off valve
GB/T24920-2010 emergency shut-off valve for petrochemical industry
GB/T24925-2010 cryogenic valve technical conditions
JB/T450-2008 forging angle high pressure valve technical conditions
JB/T3595-2002 power station valve technical conditions
JB/T6446-2004 vacuum valve
JB/T6900-1993 Drain Valve
JB/T6901-1993 closed-glass valve
JB/T7749-1995 Cryogenic valve technical conditions
JB/T9094-1999 Emergency shut-off valve for liquefied petroleum gas equipment
JB/T10529-2005 Ceramic Sealed Valve Specifications
JB/T10673-2006 metal expansion valve
JB/T11175-2011 Pipe valve for oil and gas industry
JB/T7746-2006 Reduced diameter forged steel valve
JB/T9093-1999 steam trap technical conditions
HG/T3704-2003 Fluoroplastic Lining Specifications
HG/T3158-2006 emergency shut-off valve for liquefied gas tank vehicles
Four: valve inspection test standard number
GB/T13927-2008 General Valve Pressure Test
GB/T12245-2006 Pressure Relief Valve Performance Test Method
GB/T12251-2005 Steam Trap Test Method
GB/T26479-2011 elastic seal part rotary valve fire test
Test and Inspection of GB/T26480-2011 Valves
GB/T26481-2011 valve fugitive test
GB/T26482-2011 Check Valve Fire Test
GB/T12242-2005 safety valve performance test method
JB/T5296-1991 General Valve Discharge Coefficient and Flow Resistance Factor Test Method
JB/T6439-2008 valve is subjected to magnetic particle inspection of die-cast steel parts
JB/T6440-2008 Valve Radiographic Inspection of Die-cast Steel Parts
JB/T6899-1993 valve fire test
JB/T6902-2008 Valve Casting Liquid Permeation Inspection Method
JB/T6903-2008 valve forgings ultrasonic inspection method
JB/T7748-1995 valve cleanliness and determination method
JB/T7929-1999 Valve Cast Steel Appearance Quality Requirements
JB/T8858-2004 Gate Valve Static Pressure Life Test Procedure
JB/T8859-2004 shut-off valve static pressure life test procedure
JB/T8860-2004 plug valve static pressure life test procedure
JB/T8861-2004 Ball Valve Static Pressure Life Test Procedure
JB/T8862-2004 valve life test procedure
JB/T8863-2004 Butterfly Valve Static Pressure Life Test Procedure
JB/T9092-1999 valve test and test
SH/T3064-2003 Petrochemical Steel General Valve Selection, Inspection and Acceptance
DL/922-2005 Order and Acceptance Guide for General Steel Valves for Thermal Power Generation