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On the eve of July 1st this year, Comrade Huang Xinliang, who was busy on the "Hualong No. 1" construction site in Karachi, Pakistan, won the honor of "Excellent Party Worker in Shanghai's Economic and Information System". A major achievement. Huang Xinliang, currently assistant to the general manager of China Nuclear Corporation 5,

On the eve of July 1st this year, Comrade Huang Xinliang, who was busy on the "Hualong No. 1" construction site in Karachi, Pakistan, won the honor of "Excellent Party Worker in Shanghai's Economic and Information System". A major achievement.

Huang Xinliang is currently assistant to the general manager of China Nuclear Power Company 5, secretary and general manager of the party branch of K2/K3 project department. Since graduating from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1993 and coming to China National Nuclear Power Company 5, he has stepped out of the country and actively participated in China's first nuclear power export project-Pakistan's Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, becoming the first batch of China's assistance in the construction of Pakistan's nuclear power. Hot-blooded youth.

The struggle of youth is the most beautiful. From Pakistan's Chashma C1 and C3/C4 nuclear power to Karachi's K2/K3 nuclear power construction, from down-to-earth technicians to "leaders" in overseas nuclear power projects, from joining the Party with honor in 2001 to "first responsible person" in overseas nuclear power projects, Huang Xinliang and his colleagues are fighting at the forefront of "the belt and road initiative", working hard for China's nuclear power to go to the world, and building the traditional friendship between the two peoples of China and Pakistan.

Overcome difficulties and polish the brand of overseas "Hualong No.1"

In August 2012, Huang Xinliang was appointed as the Pakistan C3/C4 nuclear power project manager of China Nuclear Power Company 5, and was fully responsible for project management.

With the ardent expectation of "South-South cooperation" between the people of China and Pakistan, Huang Xinliang led the team to overcome many unfavorable factors in overseas projects, overcome difficulties and build high-quality projects. He successively created 88 days of main pipeline welding for C3 unit and 68 days for main pipeline welding for C4 unit, refreshing the industry's shortest construction period record for main pipeline welding time and time again, and completed C3/C4 project construction with high quality and efficiency, it has also become a model of "South-South cooperation" under the framework of "the belt and road initiative.

Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. In August 2015, Huang Xinliang was appointed as the general manager of the K2/K3 project department of the overseas first pile of "Hualong 1" of China Nuclear Power Company 5. The project is not only a major national project, but also a business card of China's nuclear power on "Belt and Road Initiative". It is of great significance and has attracted worldwide attention.

In the construction of overseas nuclear power, Huang Xinliang led the team to always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, optimize management, and promote the successful application of a series of new technologies, new processes and new equipment. For the first time in the construction of nuclear power plants, the integral hoisting process of ring beam and ring rail was adopted. The hoisting times of ring beam and ring rail were reduced from 21 times to 1 time, and the hoisting period was reduced from 2 weeks to 1 day, reducing 85% of aerial work. The "pre-introduction" process is adopted to complete the hoisting and installation of main equipment such as steam generator, pressure vessel and main pipeline before the dome ceiling is hoisted in the reactor building; the establishment of a professional "shift shift" ensures that the construction items can be transported to the designated place safely, quickly and efficiently, and the subsequent installation work is reasonably arranged in advance.

Strengthen Party Building and Stimulate the Fighting Capacity of Party Members and Youth in the Front Line

Up to now, the general party branch of K2/K3 project department of CNNC 5 has 130 party members, including 127 regular party members and 3 probationary party members. The project department has 6 party activists and 2 development targets. The project department has 7282 registered employees, including 1846 Chinese employees and 5436 Pakistani employees.

Undoubtedly, Party members are the "key minority" of the project department ". How to give full play to the special effects of overseas party building and play the leading role of "a party member is a banner" is a topic that Huang Xinliang pondered. As secretary and general manager of the party branch of overseas projects, he summed up a series of new ideas and methods of project party building on the basis of in-depth study of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, starting from the reality of project construction.

In particular, after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, Huang Xinliang actively organized publicity and implementation studies, took the stage to teach party classes 16 times, organized 37 special study meetings, and went deep into the on-site teams to exchange learning experiences with workers and masters.

In view of the construction of the first pile of overseas "Hualong No.1", Huang Xinliang has repeatedly organized members of the general Party branch to study the rules and regulations of Party building in enterprises, keeping the responsibilities in mind and on their shoulders. He has taken the lead in compiling the learning courseware of the central group, encouraging the party members and the masses to "read more and read good books" and strive to build a learning team with strong politics and good business.

Huang Xinliang realized the complex situation of the first overseas construction period, the political situation of the host country, and the perennial high-temperature construction environment. He not only took the lead, but also gave full play to the role of the party organization as a battle fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members.

The K2/K3 Project Department has successively set up seven party member commandos to lead party members and cadres to rush to urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks at any time, ensuring the smooth and orderly construction of the first overseas pile of "Hualong No.1. What is even more commendable is that the project pioneered the pre-introduction of main equipment, completing the hoisting of one pressure vessel and three steam generators in only 19 days, creating the shortest record for hoisting main equipment. It has set a new record of completing the welding of the main pipeline 7 months in advance and won unanimous praise from the CMB industry.

Party building leads league building, the future depends on youth. The leadership team of the project department headed by Huang Xinliang has always attached importance to the training and growth of young employees. Every year, we have a cordial discussion with new employees to talk about the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite" and the spirit of the nuclear industry of "four everything. For more than 20 years, Huang Xinliang has selected talents in an eclectic manner, dared to burden young people, and dared to train and appoint young cadres. Today, in the overseas "Hualong No.1" first pile project department, batches of "post-85s" and "post-90s" cadres have come to the fore, and the nuclear power construction industry has shown a good pattern of vitality.

People-oriented, "Nanniwan" spirit carried forward overseas

Karachi's perennial high temperature, low rain, extremely hot and unbearable harsh climate, the local turbulent social environment, and the widespread anxiety of Chinese employees because they are far away from their relatives, Huang Xinliang sees it in his eyes and is anxious in his heart. He and the party branch of the project department insisted on making every employee "eat well, sleep well, and do good work" a top priority. through reception days, suggestion boxes, and going deep into the grassroots, he constantly listened to the opinions and suggestions of the broad masses of party members.

In order to improve the dietary structure of employees with three meals a day, at the end of 2016, Huang Xinliang led everyone to carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the "Nanniwan" of the 359th Brigade, do it yourself, have enough food and clothing, and grow vegetables together in the wasteland around the residence. Since then, the wasteland of Karachi China Village has turned into a vibrant oasis. Employees planted more than 50 kinds of vegetables and fruits, raised poultry and livestock, and harvested more than 450 tons of vegetables and fruits.

Today, the overseas "Nanniwan" planting base of China National Nuclear Corporation 5 has become a beautiful landscape on the overseas "Hualong No. 1" site, and it has also become a practice base for overseas young employees to relive the revolutionary spirit of "Nanniwan. The Chinese and Pakistani visitors were all amazed by this and received rave reviews.

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