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Tang valve 9 years old!

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January 19, 2022 Tang valve 9 years old!

The company has been to give support, care and love of new and old friends to express our heartfelt thanks!

I wish Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd. a happy 9-year-old birthday!

I wish Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd. a prosperous business, all the best and more prosperous in the days to come!


Life is hot and the future can be expected.

Get together to drink tea, chat, enjoy rest and pick up light

Participate in various entertainment projects together

The company has prepared a wealth of delicious food, and the time waiting for the food to come out is also happy.

Everyone gathered together to eat hot pot, which means it is booming.

At this time is the most relaxed time, all want to add a pen to Tang always face

The day passed quickly, and the prosperous Tang valve became more and more wonderful because of everyone's support. I hope Shanghai prosperous Tang valve technology co., ltd. will be prosperous every year and our vision will flourish with each passing day!!!

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