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Group building activities of the company

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Seizing the tail of October in the golden autumn, in this full harvest season, Shanghai Shengtang Valve 10.24 Day organized a group building activity. Driving to Xinchang Ancient Town to learn barbecue activities is a wonderful presentation this afternoon.

Depart at 2: 00 p.m. and rush to the nearby hostel. Open the theme study of this group building in the study area carefully arranged by the lecturer.


In the learning activity, General Manager Tang Zhongbo stated his recent experience of going out to study, inspiring and guiding us to study continuously, contact the society and learn more new knowledge.

The lecturer also organized small activities, so that we need to pay more attention to thinking while doing it, and carefully explain the content of this study.

At the end of the learning activity, we came to the empty farmyard and saw the prepared barbecue tools and rich ingredients. Everyone immediately started to work with great enthusiasm and cooperated consciously. How lively! Roast mutton kebabs, roast chicken wings... Everyone participated in it to show their skills and had a great time playing. While drinking red wine and eating the results of their own hands, they were happy.

Thanks to the company for organizing such meaningful learning activities, we can relax while studying.

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