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Anji Group Construction Two-Day Tour

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At the end of August, beginning of autumn has arrived, the sun is somewhat subtle, the autumn rain has not been slightly cool, and the weather is just right.20198Month24Day-2019Year8Month25On the 15th, Shanghai Shengtang Valve Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the long-awaited two-day tour of Anji Group Construction. This activity hopes to enrich the spare time life of employees, relax after work, better enjoy life, experience the voice of life and the beauty of life, deepen mutual communication and understanding among employees, and better complete daily work in the future.

24 morning.7:308:00, Company10People 2The family members of the children all set out in two company vehicles and passed.3It took more than 200 hours and more than 200 kilometers to reach the first destination, Anji granary restaurant farm. After the exquisite and delicious meal, we drove to the destination.Tianmu Mountain Canyon Rafting]], Tianmu Mountain Canyon Rafting Original Shma Bay Rafting,Located in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, from the county seat18km in the mountains,area hasMore than 30 square kilometers.Arriving at the rafting place, there was a sudden heavy rain. Everyone changed into rafting clothes in the rain. Adults put on yellow safety helmets and children put on blue safety helmets to line up. We got into kayaks in twos and threes and started the rafting trip. The whole journeyAbout 1 hour, the water is clear and clean,The green trees on both sides of the strait were like shade, and the big slopes were sliding down at a rapid speed. There were bursts of splash, spraying all over the face, and irrigating into kayaks. Some bought scoops to scoop water, and some used water guns to pump water. In the gentle water flow, everyone sometimes glided in tacit understanding, and sometimes participated in the water fight team, playing and playing. It was extremely happy.

  The exciting but not thrilling drift is over, we change our clothes and set off for our next destination,Ace AttractionsBamboo Expo Garden],There are in the bamboo expo gardenThe world's countries are strange,a wide varietyHistory of Bamboo Processing and Utilization,Both sides of the roadThe wind swaying, inAs if walking into the sea of bamboo. Each pavilion has the connotation and charm of each pavilion. There are various varieties of bamboo display, bamboo production of delicacies, bamboo woven goods, bamboo crafts……Star Luo display.WatchJane Da and Leshan two pandas, enjoyBirds chirping in the garden.

At the end of the two scenic spots, we drove to the hotel where we stayed. After a simple rest, we ate dinner and spoke freely.

On the morning of the 25th, after breakfast, start a new day trip. We arrived firstHidden Dragon Waterfall]Scenic spot,Tibetan Dragon Waterfall is the largest waterfall group in Zhejiang, with a 30% overlap and a dropMore than 60 meters of "long dragon waterfall", there is a rainbow lying "Hongguan Longmen" (called smallHuangguoshu), more divine"Divine Turtle Listening to Waterfall" can be said to be connected with waterfalls, one step at a time.

After seeing the step-by-step scenes of the Tibetan Dragon Waterfall, we ate Chinese food and came here.Zhang Ziyi's Jet Li version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragongroundChinabig bamboo sea]],The scenic spot is the most famous big bamboo demonstration base in Zhejiang Province. The big bamboo in the scenic spot is full of mountains and slopes, spectacular and deep; the big bamboo is green and strong, and the diameter is generallyMore than 10 centimeters, the largest of which is 17 centimeters, has been collected and exhibited by the China Agricultural Exhibition Hall.. When we went up the mountain, it was still the big sun. When we climbed to the top of the mountain, it began to rain. We hid on the balcony where we watched the bamboo sea, overlooking the bamboo sea in the rain, and asked fellow tourists to help take photos. At the end of the two-day tour at 3: 30, return to Shanghai.

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