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Corporate values and employee co-success and social progress


enterprise value

Corporate values and employee co-success and social progress


Enterprise concept

Manager philosophy: standardized operation, ensure quality, the pursuit of efficiency, sustainable development Management concept: ruthless system emotional management Service concept: do what you want for customers and do what you want for customers Talent concept: everyone is a talent, people make the best use of their talents Work concept: happy work, happy work


Enterprise Objectives

Business objectives: sales performance leading peer strength leading Business objectives: norms, prudent and harmonious Technology goal: leading the industry frontier beyond customer needs


Enterprise Principles

Operating principles: competition does not contradict the policy, service does not lose the principle, convenience does not leave risk self-interest does not harm others Management principles: instruct to obey the system, trust and never forget the system, operate and abide by the system, and always implement the system. Working principle: technical excellence, operation specification seriously

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