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According to the records of the earliest extant architectural theory book "Ten Books of Architecture" written by Vitruvius, an architect in Roman times, the elements contained in architecture should be both useful (utilitas, practical), strong (firmitas, solid) and beautiful (venustas, beautiful). In order to realize these characteristics, artistic and scientific viewpoints should be established.

The objects of architecture include regional planning, urban planning, landscape design and other comprehensive environmental design and construction, the relevant construction process before the formation of the community, and the production of indoor furniture and small objects. And its usual object is a unit within a certain site.

In the context of architecture and civil engineering, "construction" refers to the process of constructing buildings or developing infrastructure. Generally speaking, each construction project will be coordinated by the project manager and architect, and supervised by contractors, sub-contractors (Sub-contractor), engineering consultants, builder, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and other professionals (professionals) at all levels.

For the successful completion of each construction project, effective planning is necessary, regardless of the design to complete the entire construction project needs to fully consider the environmental impact that the entire construction project may bring, establish the construction schedule, financial arrangements, construction safety, transportation and use of construction materials, engineering delays, preparation of bidding documents, etc.

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