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The JM370 is side mounted with a float level switch

Product Description
Product overview
Side-mounted float switch is the use of liquid buoyant principle, when the float due to buoyant action up and down movement, the wiring box
The reed switch is affected by the arm magnet, and the "NC" contact is interchanged with the "NO" contact. The same principle is applied in micro
On the switching device, the magnet before the micro-switch and the magnet at the arm end are mutually exclusive and push the micro-switch, resulting in "NC"
and "NO" actions.
Product features
You can choose "micro-switch" or "reed switch", micro-switch can be applied to operating temperature of less than 100 degrees C
The liquid connection material can be used in SUS304 or SUS316
The french specifications can be ordered
A variety of floating ball specifications, can also be applied to a variety of different proportions of liquid s41, s50, s757 and so on
Plastic materials have PP, PVDF, can be used in acid and alkali sites
SUS304/316 material, suitable for high temperature or high pressure barrel grooves
Side-mounted, upper-mounted can be installed, the box protection level is IP-65
The continuing flange has 92 x 92, JIS, DIN and ANSI specifications, and the teeth have G1-1/2, 2" PT or customer designation
Pressure resistance up to 80kg, applicable to the proportion of 0.25 to 1.45