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JM350 small float level switch

Product Description
Product overview
A small float switch is a simple, easy-to-use level controller. It has no complex circuits and will not be affected
Interference, as long as the material is selected correctly, can be used in any environment liquid, pressure or temperature.
Product features
Lightweight, simple working principle, high reliability and cheap.
More than 30 different materials and specifications of floating balls to choose from.
Provide PP, PVDF, PFA and other plastic materials can be acid and alkali resistance.
Stainless steel SUS 304/316 temperature resistance up to 200 degrees C;
Side-mounted, top-up, bottom-mounted, tooth size has M8 to 16, 1/8" to 1/2" G/R/PF/PT/BSP and so on.
Wires have wires or cables, materials have PVC, XLPE, PTFE.
Special specifications can also be ordered, welcome OEM or ODM