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JM340 cable float level switch

Product Description
Product overview
Plastic cable float level switch is the use of microscope to connect three-core cable to do contact output. When the level rises and touches the floating ball,
The float is centered on the hammer as the angle changes as the water level rises, and the steel inside the switch is switched when the horizontal and upline angles exceed 28 degrees
The beads roll to or out of the microsetch, allowing the contact signal output of the level switch ON or OFF. Metallic pontoon liquid
Bit switch is the use of mercury switch to do contact output, when the level rises contact with the floating ball, the floating ball with the hammer as the center of the rise with the water level
Angle changes. When the horizontal and upline angles exceed 10 degrees, the level switch has a contact signal output of ON or OFF.
Product features
Using a microscope switch to do contact output, contact capacity 10A 250VAC can directly start the motor equipment.
Simple construction, no maintenance, sewage water purification can be used.
Cables can be ordered at any length.
The outer shape has no mnemable mechanism, will not produce the phenomenon of being stuck by floating objects; 
The parts and components in contact with the liquid are all made of plastic and have good corrosion resistance;
Suspendable installation, suitable for groundwater pool use, cable length can be adjusted