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JM330 rotary level switch

Product Description
Product overview
The impedance level switch has a special oil seal design with double dust protection, and the switch uses a clutch to make the motor and drive shaft
In the same time, the motor remains functioning normally when the material is not in contact, and the motor stops turning when the blades come into contact with the material causing resistance
mechanism at the same time output a point-by-point signal and measure the height of the material level.
Product features
Imported motor, long service life
Full confinement, can also be used outside the house
The special envoy's oil seal design prevents dust from seeping in along the shaft
The torque size can be adjusted
The blades bear too heavy a load, and the motor swing mechanism will automatically slip to protect against damage
It is not necessary to remove the whole set from the barrel groove, you can easily check and repair the internal components.
Small switch torque is small suitable for detecting smaller proportions of materials in small barrel slots