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JM320 vibration bar position switch

Product Description
Product overview 
The vibration bar limit switch uses the "resonance" principle of the tuning fork, and the vibration tube and the built-in vibration rod are generated by the pyratic element
Vibration. When the probe is buried by the material under test, the vibration amplitude is greatly reduced, which is converted into an electronic signal, so that the relay action, output one
The amount of switches to achieve the purpose of control or alarm, because there is no signal amplification circuit inside, can be exempted due to changes in the nature of the material and must be adjusted from time to time
sensitivity of the trouble.  
Product features 
Adaptability and pitch fork level switch compared to a single rod probe can effectively prevent clamping and adhesive, in more hanging material, can still work steadily.
Compared with the capacitive level switch, it is not affected by the electrical parameters of the medium under test, and the change of material variety and humidity does not affect the operation of the sensor. 
Materials with high sensitivity that can be measured with very small proportions. 
No calibration required, simple to use, durable