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JM310 RF guide level switch

Product Description
Product overview
In order to overcome the effects of the attachment, an added protective electrode is added between the main electrode and the ground electrode to ensure the signal
The alignment is correct. This special electrode construction is particularly suitable for the detection of different materials and is not affected by material attachment. Probe sticks are a regular meeting
In the case of material attached to it, capacitance and resistance are formed between the three electrodes, due to the potone and waveform one between the main electrode and the protective electrode
so that there will be no current through the two electrodes of the medium, the guide level switch using the above principle, between the main electrode and the ground electrode placed one
Protects the electrodes to block rf current from reaching the barrel wall through the medium between the main electrode and the ground electrode. The protection electrode is between the ground electrode and the ground electrode although it will
There is a small amount of RF current passing through, but the circuit does not detect this current value. Due to the protective electrode, only the main electrode is between the barrel wall
The change in the RF current passing between will be detected by the circuit, so when the probe rod comes into contact with the material, an accurate signal alignment will be generated, the letter
The size of the number alignment is directly related to the dielec meter coefficient, but inversely opposite the resistance value, this signal is easily detected by the circuit and outputs a control signal.
Product features
Not affected by material attachment
Installation adjustment is easy
Good stability, not affected by temperature
Adjustable delay output 0 to 90 seconds
IP65 housing protection grade
DPDT, 5 A contact output
Temperature resistance up to 550 degrees C
It can be used for the detection of liquids, slurry, solids, particles and interfaces