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JM300 electrostectrulation level switch

Product Description
Product overview
Capacitive level switches are two plates that use the probe (induction pole) of the switch and the barrel wall (ground electrode) as capacitors, when the object is measured,
When in contact with the electrode, the capacitance between the electrode and the metal tank wall or ground electrode increases, and when the height of the accumulation of the object under test decreases, it is no longer associated with the electrode
During contact, the capacitance decreases, the contact signal returns to its initial state, and the unique analytical processing unit of the level switch detects the size of this change when this changes
When the value reaches the set value of the switch, the switch signal output is converted for control, reflecting the level of the medium or material interface under test.
Product features
No transmission mechanism life is the longest, all kinds of powder, grain, block object or liquid can be applied.
The largest number of models, suitable for a variety of places and industries to use the temperature -20 to 200 degrees C, up to 800 degrees C.
There is an action delay function, adjust the range of 0 to 6 seconds.
The protection level of the wiring box is IP-65.
Multi-gear sensitivity can be freely adjusted, action delay function, adjustment range 0 to 30 seconds;
A variety of power supplies can be selected 110V/220VAC or 24VDC, output NPN crystals and 5A/250VAC SPDT relay two;
The standard continuing tooth port is R1, special specifications can also be ordered;
Easy to install, internal/external light-emitting diodes, convenient on-site commissioning and observation of material conditions