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JM230 magnetic float level meter

Product Description
The principle of action
Magnetic flip level meter is a field detection instrument, its main material is stainless steel 304/316, plastic PVC, PP, PVDF, PFA material,
The level meter works according to the buoyant principle and the principle of magnetic coupling cooperation, and when the level in the container under test rises and rises, the level meter dominates the float in the tube
Also up and down, the permanent magnetic steel in the float is passed to the field indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white flipping column to flip 180 degrees, when the liquid level
Ascending, the turning column from white to red, when the level drops, the turning column from red to white, the indicator at the red and white bounds of the container
The actual height of the liquid level, with the magnetic switch of high and low level to achieve the alarm purpose, can be combined with the liquid level remote transmission device to achieve the long-distance transmission and indication of the level.
Product features
PVC, PP, PVDF, PFA material can be applied to strong acid and alkali sites;
SuS304/316 metal material is suitable for high temperature and high pressure barrel grooves.
The wiring box specifications are the most complete, there are plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel explosion-proof type, protection level IP-65 or more.
Contact capacity 50W/250VAC SPST or 30W/200VDC SPDT.
The follow-on french has DN, JIS, DIN, ANSI and other specifications;
Teeth have G, R, PT, NPT, PF, BSP and other specifications.
Can output the analog or switching amount, and can do multi-point control, installation is easy, cost savings.
Special specifications can be ordered according to customer requirements.