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JM220 small float level meter

Product Description
Product overview
Floating ball continuous level indicator is a simple principle, excellent reliability of the level indicator, is the use of floating ball magnets with the liquid level changes,
to change the voltage-split circuit consisting of the reed module (resistance and reed switch) in the connecting rod, the voltage-split signal is converted from 4 to 20mA through the converter
Standard signal, by displaying the meter to show the actual position of the liquid, so as to achieve long-range detection and control of the level.  
Product features
The reed module design with housing protection can avoid damage during transport installation or use
Temperature-resistant 130 degrees, pressure-resistant 1.0Mpa (2.5Mpa optional)
Using 8mm guide rod, 28mm x 28mm float, measuring accuracy of 5mm
Installation interface: 1" sanitary blind board, 1 "PT, 1" PF, special optional
The use environment is not affected by temperature and pressure changes
Internal sensing elements are designed in the form of imported modules, with high reliability and strong anti-jamming capability
High sensitivity package form of reed switch, high sensitivity, long working life
With zero self-stabilization function, not affected by temperature, pressure changes
Support USB, HART interface communication (optional)
The circuit design uses high-performance CPU circuit to be stable and reliable