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JM210 Pulse Radar Level Meter

Product Description
Product overview
The radar levelmeter antenna emits a very narrow microwave pulse, which propagates through space at the speed of light and meets the surface of the medium under test.
Some of its energy is reflected back and received by the same antenna. The interval between the transmit and receive pulses is measured with the antenna
The distance from the surface of the medium is in line, thus calculating the distance between the antenna and the surface of the medium under test.
Product features
The radar level meter uses a transmit frequency of up to 26GHz
The beam angle is small (minimum 5 degrees), the energy concentration, has the stronger anti-jamming ability, greatly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability;
Antenna size is small, easy to install and install dust cover and other antenna protection devices;
The measurement blind spot is smaller, and the measurement of small tanks will also achieve good results.
The wavelength is shorter, and the level measurement of small particulate matter is more suitable.
Using advanced microprocessor echo processing technology, radar level meters can be applied to a variety of complex operating conditions.
Using pulse operation mode, radar level meter transmit power is very low, can be installed in a variety of metal, non-metallic containers,
   No harm to the human body or the environment. 
A variety of antenna anti-condensation, anti-hanging material, emission angle minimum 8 degrees. To solve the problem that 6G radar has large blind spots and multiple echoes in small tanks.
It is widely used in the measurement of various levels. Such as: tanks, etc.
Product parameters
Maximum range: 70m
Measurement accuracy: ± 3mm
Antenna material: (1) stainless steel 316L horn/PTFE vison
        (2) Stainless steel 316L/PTFE vison
        (3) All-plastic horn/PTFE vison
Antenna structure: (1) tip conical vitor, anti-condensation difference
        (2) Conical vigration, anti-condensation
        (3) Conical vigtors, anti-dew, anti-condensation
Process temperature: (1) (-40 to 200) degrees C
        (2) (-40 to 100 degrees C).
Process pressure: (1) (-0.1 to 4) MPa
        (2) (-0.1 to 0.3) MPa
Frequency range: 26GHz
Signal output: (4 to 20) mA/HART
Power source: two-wire /four-wire system