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JM200 ultrasonic level gauge

Product Description

  Measuring principle

  The ultrasonic level meter is reflected by the transducer (probe) when it encounters the surface of the measured medium, and partly reflects the echo.

  Received by the same transducer and converted into electrical signals. Ultrasonic pulses propagate at the speed of sound waves, and are required from emission to reception of ultrasonic pulses

  The time interval is proportional to the distance from the transducer to the surface of the measured medium. The relationship between this distance value S and the speed of sound C and the transmission time T can be

  Expressed by the formula: S=CxT/2. Because the transmitted ultrasonic pulse has a certain width, it makes the small area closer to the transducer

  The reflected wave overlaps with the transmitted wave and cannot be identified and the distance value cannot be measured. This area is called the measurement dead zone. The size of the blind spot and ultrasound

  The model of the level gauge is related.


  ◆The most complete specifications, optional integrated split body, measuring distance 4m, 8m, 12m, 20m, 40m, 60m, 100m to choose from

  ◆Small sound beam angle, short blind spot distance, most suitable for small tanks or equipment

  ◆The output mode is Hart; 4~20mA or 20~4mA or relay, etc.

  ◆Power supply DC24V or 110/220VAC

  ◆Using advanced microprocessor technology, ultrasonic level meter can be applied to various complex working conditions

  ◆The "false echo learning" function enables the instrument to correctly confirm the true echo under multiple false echo conditions, and obtain

  Accurate measurement results

  ◆The transducer has a built-in temperature sensor, which can realize the temperature compensation of the measured value

  ◆Using the patented technology of best acoustic matching, the ultrasonic transducer can radiate more effectively and improve the signal

  Strength to achieve accurate measurement