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JM110 Throw-in static pressure level gauge

Product Description

  product description

  The input is the static pressure level gauge is designed to cope with the complex level and pressure conditions. The sensor uses micro-processing technology for

  The linear error and temperature error compensation ensure that the measurement results meet the accuracy requirements; the probe adopts the fully potted anti-condensation technology,

  Safe and reliable double-sealed design, full welding process and sturdy stainless steel housing ensure the long-term reliability and gas

  Tightness; The signal transmission module adopts a transient voltage protection circuit to ensure that it can run freely even in a surge voltage environment;

  The cable sealing adopts a reinforced cone plugging sealing process to ensure that even when subjected to large mechanical loads during installation and long-term use

  Also has a long service life.


  ◆Original calibration technology, easy to realize parameter setting without any tools, support user configuration, meet the requirements of various applications and measurement media

  ◆Isolation diaphragm technology based on laser welding to ensure product durability, and a variety of sensor technologies can be selected to meet the use of viscosity, acid and alkali in special occasions

  ◆Compensation for linear error and temperature error of the sensor to meet high precision requirements, built-in transient voltage protection circuit, and optional temperature measurement signal output

  ◆The full potting process prevents condensation to the maximum extent, and the double sealing process ensures air tightness

  Product parameter

  ◆Measuring range: 500Pa-200kPa

  ◆Output signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA+HART, 0.5-4.5VDC, Modbus-RTU

  ◆Reference accuracy: ± 0.2% URL, ± 0.5% URL

  ◆Medium temperature: -10~ 70℃

  ◆Sensor type: silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor

  ◆Diaphragm material: stainless steel 316

  ◆Annual stability: ±0.2% URL/year

  ◆Sensor seal: O-ring, stainless steel welding