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JM001 Thermal Mass Flow Switch

Product Description

  product description

  The thermal mass flow rate is a precise and reliable flow sensing device designed using the principle of thermal diffusion. The flow sensing rod contains two temperatures

  Sensors, one of them needs to be heated, so there is a temperature difference between the two temperature sensors. This temperature is inversely proportional to the flow rate. The flow rate sensor

  And the outer shell is made of stainless steel or engineering plastics, without any movable components, so there is no problem of mechanical wear. Two precision

  The resistor is used to set the flow alarm and sensitivity.


  Compared with the traditional vane type flow switch and piston type flow switch, the thermal mass flow switch has higher sensitivity.

  Restricted, there is no wear of the movable mechanical structure, and the liquid that can detect impurities can choose different materials, suitable for different acid and alkaline liquids.

  Environmental measurement, flow rate and flow rate can be adjusted according to the needs of the site, regardless of the large diameter or small diameter can be applied, there are 3 different signal output

  The user can choose the most suitable matching method.