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JM100 Digital Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter

Product Description

  product description

  The monocrystalline silicon differential pressure transmitter adopts monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor technology and patented packaging technology. The single crystal silicon pressure sensor is located at the top of the metal body, away from the contact surface of the medium, to achieve mechanical and thermal isolation; the sensor lead of glass sintering achieves high-strength electrical insulation with the metal substrate, which improves the flexibility and transient resistance of electronic circuits The ability of variable voltage protection. The monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor packaging technology ensures that the monocrystalline silicon differential pressure transmitter can calmly deal with extreme chemical occasions and mechanical loads, and at the same time has the ability to resist electromagnetic interference, which is sufficient to deal with complex industrial environment applications.


  ◆Advanced monocrystalline silicon differential pressure sensor technology and packaging process

  ◆Double diaphragm overload structure, calmly coping with high overload test

  ◆Using integrated circuit and surface packaging technology signal transmission module, powerful 24-bit ADC to achieve high precision and fast response

  ◆The display module can be rotated by 355°, and the button parameter operation function is friendly

  ◆The button parameter setting does not affect the electrical protection level, which is safer and faster

  ◆High performance single crystal silicon differential pressure transmitter

  ◆Sturdy and high-quality stainless steel process flange, ultra-thick reinforced structure, strong guarantee for high static pressure and overload

  Product parameter

  ◆Measuring range: 200Pa-10MPa

  ◆Output signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA/HART

  ◆Reference accuracy: 0.2% URL

  ◆Medium temperature: -40-120℃,

  ◆Measuring medium: liquid, gas or steam

  ◆Power supply: 4~20mA two-wire system, power supply: 10.5-55vdc

  ◆4~20mA+HART two-wire system, power supply: 16.5-55vdc

  ◆Diaphragm material: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C

  ◆Annual stability: ±0.2% URL/5 years

  ◆Process connection: M20*1.5(M), 1/2-14NPT(F), 1/4-18NPT(F)

  ◆Protection level: IP67